District Staff List 2014-2015

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Adams, Loretta ladams@stcmo.org
Aranda, Courtney caranda@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Asta, Lyn lasta@stcmo.org High School
Bailey, Dustin dbailey@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Bailey, Laura lbailey@stcmo.org Elementary
Banderman, Shannon sbanderman@stcmo.org Elementary
Banion, Lauren lbanion@stcmo.org Junior High
Barnes, Carolyn cbarnes@stcmo.org Junior High
Barns, Cathy cbarns@stcmo.org Elementary
Barns, Mike mbarns@stcmo.org Junior High
Baxter, Stacey sbaxter@stcmo.org Elementary
Bay, Kimberly kbay@stcmo.org Elementary
Bell, Kara kbell@stcmo.org High School
Benkert, Charles cbenkert@stcmo.org High School
Berges, Danielle dberges@stcmo.org Junior High
Beste, Devon dbeste@stcmo.org Junior High
Bizzle, Jessica jbizzle@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Bodnar, Christy cbodnar@stcmo.org High School
Boos-Finke, Carrie cboos-finke@stcmo.org High School
Branscum, Becky bbranscum@stcmo.org High School
Brinker, Ted tbrinker@stcmo.org High School
Brune, Heather hbrune@stcmo.org Elementary
Bruns, Kristen kbruns@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Bulger, Jennifer jbulger@stcmo.org High School
Butenhoff, Amanda abutenhoff@stcmo.org Junior High
Byers, Roberta rbyers@stcmo.org High School
Campbell, Dawn dcampbell@stcmo.org High School
Carroll, Jena jcarroll@stcmo.org High School
Carter, Sheila scarter@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Click, Holly hclick@stcmo.org High School
Codespoti, Paul pcodespoti@stcmo.org High School
Cohen, Gregory gcohen@stcmo.org High School
Collings, Patsy pcollings@stcmo.org High School
Comia, Renee rcomia@stcmo.org Junior High
Creasy, Leah lcreasy@stcmo.org Central Office
Crow, Michele mcrow@stcmo.org Junior High
Dalton, Lynda ldalton@stcmo.org Junior High
Davis, Brooke bdavis@stcmo.org Elementary
Davis, Karen kdavis@stcmo.org Central Office
Denbow, Mark mdenbow@stcmo.org Central Office
Dierker, Sarah sdierker@stcmo.org High School
Dildine, Casey cdildine@stcmo.org Elementary
Dildine, Jeanitta jdildine@stcmo.org Elementary
Dilks, Kerry kdilks@stcmo.org Junior High
Dillard, Ashley adillard@stcmo.org Elementary
Ditch, Garrett gditch@stcmo.org High School/ Jr. High
Done, Erin edone@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Doss, Rebecca rdoss@stcmo.org Junior High
Drewel, Marcella mdrewel@stcmo.org Elementary
Dunn, Darla ddunn@stcmo.org Elementary
Eads, Mike meads@stcmo.org Junior High
Elbert, Suson selbert@stcmo.org Elementary
Emmons, Amanda aemmons@stcmo.org High School
Enke, Dennis denke@stcmo.org High School
Eskridge, Amber aeskridge@stcmo.org Elementary
Ettinger, Anna-Liza aettinger@stcmo.org Junior High
Evert, Missie mevert@stcmo.org Elementary
Fanger, Shaun sfanger@stcmo.org High School
Flora, Joan jflora@stcmo.org Junior High
Foust, Sarah sfoust@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Fritzemeyer, Donna dfritzemeyer@stcmo.org High School
Garmer, Ben bgarmer@stcmo.org High School
Garrett, Colleen cgarrett@stcmo.org High School
Geisert, Tammy tgeisert@stcmo.org Junior High
Gentili, Christy cgentili@stcmo.org High School
Gibson, Ashley agibson@stcmo.org Elementary
Gildehaus, Ashley agildehaus@stcmo.org Elementary
Gordon, Michelle mgordon@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Goree, Teresa tgoree@stcmo.org Junior High
Green, Andrew agreen@stcmo.org High School
Haddox, Tom thaddox@stcmo.org Junior High
Hall, Amy ahall@stcmo.org Junior High
Hamlett, Jeff jhamlett@stcmo.org High School
Hanneken, Ellen ehanneken@stcmo.org Junior High
Harris, Angela aharris@stcmo.org Junior High
Harris, Steve sharris@stcmo.org High School
Harrison, Matthew mharrison@stcmo.org High School
Hastings, Jennifer jhastings@stcmo.org Elementary
Hawkins, Jennifer jhawkins@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Haynes, Shannon shaynes@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Head, Derick dhead@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Heimann, Melissa mheimann@stcmo.org Elementary
Helling, Sharon shelling@stcmo.org High School
Helton, Alyse ahelton@stcmo.org High School
Hickey, Pamela pamelahickey@stcmo.org Elementary
Hill, Beth bhill@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Hill, Connie chill@stcmo.org Elementary
Hilton, Jessica jhilton@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Hix, Candace chix@stcmo.org Junior High
Hoffman, Janette jhoffman@stcmo.org Elementary
Hogan, Jammie jhogan@stcmo.org Junior High
Hooks, Denise dhooks@stcmo.org Junior High
Houser, Mark mhouser@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Hughes, Michelle mhughes@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Hunter, Mike mhunter@stcmo.org High School
Hurt, Kimberly khurt@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Husereau, Melissa mhusereau@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Huyser, Melissa mhuyser@stcmo.org Junior High
Immekus, Brian bimmekus@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Ingle, Cheri cingle@stcmo.org Elementary
Isgrig, Tim tisgrig@stcmo.org Junior High
Jackson, Amy ajackson@stcmo.org High School
Jackson, Andrew rajackson@stcmo.org High School
Jobe, Kim kjobe@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Kelley, Linda lkelley@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Kemp, Tracey tkemp@stcmo.org High School
Kindel, Amy akindel@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Kindel, Craig ckindel@stcmo.org High School
Kingston, Dawn dkingston@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Knipp, Charles cknipp@stcmo.org High School
Koenigsfeld, Ted tkoenigsfeld@stcmo.org Junior High
Korn, Casey ckorn@stcmo.org High School
Krier, Marilee mkrier@stcmo.org High School
Krimmel, Melissa mkrimmel@stcmo.org High School
Lampkin, Markie mlampkin@stcmo.org High School
Lause, Eric elause@stcmo.org Junior High
Leroney, Jill jleroney@stcmo.org Junior High
Luecke, Cynthia cluecke@stcmo.org High School
Magruder, Tammy tmagruder@stcmo.org Elementary
Manhart, Nathan nmanhart@stcmo.org Junior High
Mann, Cheryl cmann@stcmo.org Junior High
Marquart, Karen kmarquart@stcmo.org Elementary
Marrocco, Lisa lmarrocco@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Martin, Ben bmartin@stcmo.org High School
Martin, Lila lmartin@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Maurer, Andrea amaurer@stcmo.org High School
May, Lisa lmay@stcmo.org Junior High
McCuskey, Garan gmccuskey@stcmo.org High School
McCuskey, Kandice kmuccuskey@stcmo.org High School
McKee, Karen kmckee@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Menke, Crystal cmenke@stcmo.org Elementary
Milbery, Katy kmilberg@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Mims, Ashley amims@stcmo.org Junior High
Mittler, Jason jmittler@stcmo.org Elementary
Monk, Traci tmonk@stcmo.org Elementary
Moore, Jennifer jdmoore@stcmo.org High School
Murphy, Ginger gmurphy@stcmo.org High School
Murphy, Michael D. mmurphy@stcmo.org Central Office
Myers, Nadine nmyers@stcmo.org Central Office
Nadler, Monica mnadler@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Neaveill, Jamie jneaveill@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Newton, Angela anewton@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Parks, Linda lparks@stcmo.org Central Office
Payne, Sara spayne@stcmo.org Elementary
Powers, Megan mpowers@stcmo.org Elementary
Prichard, Robert rprichard@stcmo.org High School
Racherbaumer, Sande sracherbaumer@stcmo.org Elementary
Robbins, Brian brobbins@stcmo.org High School
Robertson, Cathy crobertson@stcmo.org High School
Roemer, Christine croemer@stcmo.org High School
Ruszala, Carmen cruszala@stcmo.org High School
Sachs, Danielle dsachs@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Sanders, Tracy tsanders@stcmo.org Elementary
Scharfenberg, Lynn lscharenberg@stcmo.org High School
Schell, Heidi hschell@stcmo.org Elementary
Schneider, Laura lschneider@stcmo.org High School
Schoonover, Alicia aschoonover@stcmo.org High School
Schulte, Kelly kschulte@stcmo.org Junior High
Schupp, Amy aschupp@stcmo.org High School
Scott, Kim kscott@stcmo.org Elementary
Seabaugh, Kimberly kseabaugh@stcmo.org High School
Seibert, Barb bseibert@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Selby, Lisa lselby@stcmo.org Junior High
Shepherd, Hannah hshepherd@stcmo.org Elementary
Short, Samantha sshort@stcmo.org Elementary
Sills, Doug dsills@stcmo.org High School
Sincox, Katie ksincox@stcmo.org Elementary
Smith, Eric esmith@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Spicer, Shawn sspicer@stcmo.org High School
Strothcamp, Jacob jmstrothcamp@stcmo.org Junior High
Strothcamp, Joyce jstrothcamp@stcmo.org Central Office
Swartz, Tallulah tswartz@stcmo.org Elementary
Talleur, Janell jtalleur@stcmo.org High School
Taylor, Martin mtaylor@stcmo.org Junior High
Thornsberry, Jeff jthornsberry@stcmo.org Junior High
Thurman, Courtney cthurman@stcmo.org Junior High
Tiehes, Bethany btiehes@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Trautman, Anna atrautman@stcmo.org High School
Travis, Danielle dtravis@stcmo.org Junior High
Turner, Crystal cturner@stcmo.org Elementary
Turner, Ellen eturner@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Vanderheyden, Betsy bvanderheyden@stcmo.org Elementary
Vaughan, Verdean vvaughan@stcmo.org High School
Via, Shannon svia@stcmo.org Junior High
Vogt, Dave dvogt@stcmo.org Junior High
Wachter, Jennifer jwachter@stcmo.org Elementary
Walker, Kelly kwalker@stcmo.org High School
Wall, Tamra tsimcox@stcmo.org Elementary
Watkins, Bryan bwatkins@stcmo.org High School
Weeks, Steve sweeks@stcmo.org Elementary
Weidman, Karen kweidman@stcmo.org Elementary
Wieland, Andrea awieland@stcmo.org Junior High
Wild, Ashley awild@stcmo.org Junior High
Wilson, Geri gwilson@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Wink, Nicole nwink@stcmo.org High School
Wisdom, Lauren lwisdom@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Witt, Larrinda lwitt@stcmo.org Murray Elementary
Wright, Rachel rwright@stcmo.org Elementary
Wunderlich, Dale dwunderlich@stcmo.org High School
York, Gala gyork@stcmo.org Elementary
Ziegler, Sarah sziegler@stcmo.org Junior High