Instructor Suite Features

Lumen has created Help Videos for different sections of Lumen. Click on the EzStart button, Click on the Help Center. Find WebSIS - Instructor Suite for a list of videos. Some are short - 30-40 seconds and some are longer - 35-40 minutes. They are very helpful when you need to remember how to do something that you don't do very often.


Go into the course and stay in the Classroom Activities Tab (first one). Put the mouse cursor over the date of the assignment. A box will open that displays the grades for that assignment. So without having to go into the Grade Book, you can see grades for a specific assignment.


To have more than one gradebook open at a time. Go into Grade Book for one of the classes, click on the button next to the "Save & Calculate" button. It says "Take me to another courses grade book" when you hold the mouse over it. It will list your other courses and you click on one in the list and then both grade books will be open.




Once open, you can click on the tabs at the bottom to move back and forth between grade books.


Click on the button that looks like a Post-it note in Grade Book. It will list the last 30  assignments. Click on the assignment and it will take you to that assignment in the Grade Book.