Lumen Prof. Development

Professional Development – January 17, 2014

Lumen:  It’s More Than Just Attendance and Grades

·         Purpose of this class – to show you some different options that you may not have noticed within Lumen.

o    Items within Gradebook, Reports, Help Center, Learning Management System (LMS)

o    Other LMS – such as Moodle, Edmodo, Blackboard

o    What Lumen looks like from a student login.

o    Biggest focus today will be to show you how to create activities/assignments for the student to access.

·         Did you know this was in Lumen? ----

o    Help Center – videos and information about all aspects of Lumen.

§  Different ways to access this. Instructor Suite Tutorial, COREX training guide and off the StartMenu.


o    Seating Charts – how to create them for your class to have available for Subs.

o    Planner – Secondary and Elementary – we have to change the way we enter assignments in Lumen-instead of entering grades as students complete assignments (after the homework is done or test is taken) you will be creating activities for future dates (for something you want them to work on today or tomorrow or next Friday).

o    Reports – two sections of reports

§  Student birthday list

§  Missing assignments

§  Class roster



o    Grade Book (shortcuts)

§  Assignment Dates (last 30 activities) 

§  Master view vs Classic view 

§  On-Line Access Assistant  

§  Take me to another courses gradebook 

§  Student Detail – hold mouse over the students name

o    Copy Activities from Previous School Year or Marking Period 

·         Creating Student Assignments

o    Show what the student will see after logging in.

§  Help Center-Inst. Suite/Learning Activity/Student Portal-Activity Submission

o    Activity Materials – consider what a Chrome book can open

o    Online Resources – URL link to video, web page, article, etc. Helpful if you do not want them doing a search on Google-who knows what will show up. Want them to view at home and come to class the next day ready to discuss the topic.

o    Question/Score Key –

§  Simple text

§  Multiple Equation

§  Multiple Choice (Quiz-one question at a time or Classwork-shows all the questions)

§  Interactive Bar graph