Web Page Policy


The St. Clair R-XIII School District website has been established to educate and inform the public about our school district. Teachers and staff may post information that provides families with another resource that will enhance a child’s educational experience and keep them informed of district and classroom activities.

General Guidelines:

            1. Web page publications must be in compliance with all state, federal, and international laws concerning copyright, intellectual property, and the use of telecommunications.

            2. All content should be related to curriculum and instruction, school activities, and other professional school or district information.

            3. Each teacher posting a website is responsible for keeping content current. External links should be checked at least once a quarter. The school website manager reserves the right to remove content.

            4. All web page work should be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. No document should contain objectionable material or links to objectionable sites.

            5. When providing links from your page to an external web page a disclaimer must be shown stating:

            a. “All external links are intended for educational purposes only. The St. Clair R-XIII School District is not responsible for questionable or controversial content that may be found through links external to this site.”

            6. All communications using the district web page will comply with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy.



Student safety is of the utmost importance when publishing student images or work on the web. A stranger should never be able to connect a student's name with a face.

            1. Students’ work should only be identified by first names. Do not publish students’ last names or other information, which might make students individually identifiable.

            2. Do not publish students’ personal contact information such as home phone numbers, addresses or personal e-mail addresses. For cases in which a contact e-mail is listed, use a class or staff e-mail address in which the mailbox is checked first by a teacher.

            3. When posting photographs, captions should contain only generic information. For example, Johnny Jones is looking at a camel. Caption could be “Student observes camel habitat.” In the case of special awards, using individual student pictures, a signed release must be obtained from parents/guardians.

            4. Parental permission for publishing students' names, pictures, and work will be obtained at the beginning of each school year through the "acceptable use policy" permission form.





            1. The staff and students creating the website should abide by the current copyright laws as they affect the school district.

            2. Copyright materials, whether they are print or non-print, will not be duplicated unless such reproduction meets “fair use” standards, or unless written permission from the copyright holder has been received.

            3. No unlawful copies of copyrighted material may be produced or transmitted.

            4. No one should use photographs, sound clips, video clips, trademarks, or drawings without permission of the creator of the material or copyright holder. A link to the original website should be provided for all free files utilized.






Technical Standards and Content Guidelines:

            1. Each teacher’s home page should contain the following:


            • Teacher’s Name, e-mail address, school telephone number with extension number

            • Daily schedule


            2. Each teacher may also include the following content. Any content added to the website must be kept current.


            • Homework (updated daily or weekly)

            • Classroom calendar (updated monthly)

            • Newsletter (updated weekly or monthly)

            • List of upcoming events (updated weekly or monthly)

            • Online resources related to the curriculum

            • Lesson plans

            • Grading policies

            • Rules and procedures

            • Syllabi or course information

            • Testing dates

            • Club or activity information

            • Fundraiser information

            • Teacher autobiography


            3. Each page should contain a link returning the user to the district’s home page and the school’s home page.

            4. When developing web pages take into consideration the loading time. Some large graphics and animations require an increased loading time and may be inappropriate for this website. As a general rule, a web page should load within one minute on a standard dial-up modem.

            5. Final decisions regarding active web pages will rest with the district’s web manager and technology director.