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Parent Portal login information will be emailed to parents on or around July 23rd. Please check your login to make sure you are able to login prior to the Online Registration that will be opened on July 29th. If you do not receive an email on July 23th (check Spam folder), we may not have a valid email address for you. Please note that your location, username or password may have changed. Passwords are now case sensitive and usually include at least one capitalized letter. If the password shows [Encoded] it means you have previously reset/changed your password. If you do not remember your password you can click on the “Can’t log in?” link at the bottom for the Lumen login page. Please fill out the Parent Portal Request form here or on the Parent tab on the school website at if you did not receive an email or if your Parent Lumen account is locked.

*Transfer/New students- You will need to contact the appropriate building office regarding registration.  

**Guardianship change - If there has been a change to a student's guardianship status (divorce, adoption, etc.) please contact the building offices at the Elementary, Murray and Junior High and the Counseling Office at the High School. Guardianship changes will not be completed without proper documentation.

Homeroom teachers and school schedules

Grades K-5 can see their Homeroom teacher when you do the Online Registration.

Grades 6-12 will receive their schedules during the on campus registration the week of August 9th.

On July 29th, the Online Registration forms will be available. Please complete all of the forms in the top 2 sections - 

*****Reminder-Lumen Parent Portal accounts are only available to legal parents/guardians.*****

Building Schedules for Registration

St. Clair Elementary and Edgar Murray (Grades K-5) 

August 5th - August 7th: All grades (9am - 4pm)

August 8th: All grades (11am - 6pm)

August 9th: All grades (8am - 3pm)

St. Clair Jr. High Registration (Grades 6-8)  

Monday, August 5th: 8th grade (9am - 4pm)

Tuesday, August 6th: 7th grade (9am - 4pm)

Wednesday, August 7th: 6th grade (9am - 4pm)

Thursday, August 8th: Make-up day (11am - 6pm)

Friday, August 9th: Office hours (8am - 3pm)

St. Clair High School Registration (Grades 9-12) 

  Monday, August 5th: Seniors (9am - 4pm)

Tuesday, August 6th: Juniors (9am - 4pm)

Wednesday, August 7th: Sophomores (9am - 4pm)

Thursday, August 8th: Freshman (11am - 6pm)

Friday, August 9th: Make-Up Office hours (8am - 3pm)

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